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Sub-clans of Solankis

Solanki Rajput clan is divided into several sub-clans, of which some are very rare to be found. Most of the sub-clans belong to Rajputana, Gujarat and Baghelkhand. After learning the whole lineage, their explanation will be clear. But this place is too small to give the detailed lineage, thus only small discription is given for popular clans, rest only are only mentioned.

1. Balnot - Descendants of Balan, son of Kirtipal (elder brother of King Kumarpal). They live in Toda,Tordi in Rajatshan, Ghargaon,Dahi,Dharmraj(near Indore) in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Mehalgota - Descendants of fourth descendant of Balan, Mahelu. Their Jagir was Kekadi(Ajmer).

3. Kherada - Descendants of Bheem (4th descendant of Balan) ruled the area of Kherada in Jahajpur(Mewar), thus called Kherada. Mandalgadh fort was in their occupation during Akbar's campaign on Chittor.

4. Nathawat - Descendants of 9th descdendant of Balan, Nathaji. Mostly they are holding Jagirs in Bundi State. Main thikanas are Patanra, Naingaon,Hungori. They are having seats in Davi Misal(left seats) of Bundi Court.

5. Veerpura -
3rd descendant of Balan was Veerbhanu, who established the princely state of Lunawada (9 gun salute during British occupation). Other than Lunawada, Veerpura Solanki holds Jagir of Pawagadh, Sutrampur, Radhanpur.

6. Bhojawat - Direct descendants of King Tribhuvanpal- II of Gujarat, in direct bloodline of 7 generations. After 7 generation of Tribhuvan, Bhoja became the king, ruling in Rajputana. His descendants are Bhojawat Solankis. It is the most powerful, dominating and famous sub-clan which existed after rule of Gujarat. Most of Thikanas of Solankis in Mewar are of Bhojawat Solankis.
  1. Shankarot - Great grandson of Bhoja, Shanker Singh was granted Thikana of Jhilwara. His descendants live in Jhilwara and many other villages in Mewar.
  2. SavantSinghot - Younger brother of Shaker Singh was Savant Singh. He was granted Thikana of Desuri and his descdendant are Savantsinghot. The Patvi Thikana is Roopanagar, one of Bada 32 Thikanas of Mewar and also ohter Thikanas are Jojawar and many other villages in Mewar and Marwar.
  3. KhetSinghot - Son of SavantSingh was Khet Singh. He was died in battle of Balisa. His descendants were granted Siryari but that was taken by Marwar forces and they were granted Thikana of Sansari and Mani.
  4. HamirSinghot - Descendants of son of SavantSingh, Hamir Singh. They live in Somesar.
  5. Dela - Son of Savant Singh, Dela established his territory in Javara in Malwa. His title was Rawat and his descendants are holding Jagir of Abarwada,Khojan Kheda, Alot and Khadgun in Malwa.
Second son of Bhoja was Gauda. Gauda's son Sultan Singh, captured Panarwa. His descendant was R Punja, who is famous in History of Mewar in Battle of Haldighati and for helping Maharana Pratap. They also have holdings of Bhom of Augana.

7. Baghela - Descendant of Sarang (Son of King Bhimdev - I) are Baghelas. They ruled the area of BaghelKhand with capital of Rewa. Many popular thikanas of Baghels are Baran, Churhat, Rampur, tala, Chamu, Itavan, Devra, Solagpur, Nigvani, Jaitpur, Chandiya, Baikunthpur, Kalyanpur, Mehsana, Ranpura and Devgadh.

Rest of the sub-clans are-
Malra, Khodera, Bhangota, Kathwad, Tejawat, Barwasian, Bharsunda, Salawat, Beda, Uniyariya, Halawat, Chajawat, Bahela, Modawat, Karmawat, Amawat, Katariya, Tatawat, Surjanpota, Banveerpota, Achalpota,Rawatka, Khinyawat, Harrajot, Bairisalot, Baghawat, Gangawat, Balramot, Kamawat, Narhardasot, Rudraka, Vishnuka, Jagganathka, Madhodaska, Dayaldaska, Jagrupka, Kalacha, Bhale Sultan, Swarnman, Bhutta, Bhureva, Kalmer, Solake, Tantiya, Peethapur, Sojathiya, Togaru, Beeku.

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