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Reality of Akbar's Jodha

As people as discussing on this link
most of the people are arguing on the facts upon which film Jodha-Akbar is based.
The main discussion is about the reality of the facts. The facts which we have been reading since our schools, are solely based upon the facts what the english people have written.
Whether its about the history of Aryans, History of Rajputs and History of Mughlas. If Some one studies the Rajput Literature or their history being written during the periods of their rule, people will came to know the real facts, but these facts remain buried in the Rajashtani Books. And people came to know only those facts which are highlighted by the peoples. Asutosh is doing exactly the same. May be Akbar had a wife named JodhBi or Jodhbai but she was never a Rajput princess, nor a daughter of Kachhwahas Rajputs. There was a queen named Jodhbibi but she was a daughter of a Paswaan of Rao Maldeo of Jodhpur and was married to Akbar. Thus, a not Rajput princess at all. Then, why so much of arguments is needed, if there are facts present in the historical books. People are just discussing like headless chickens, without much of work to know the facts. As per Mughal historians the names of Rajputs queens of Akbar are:

Akbar ----

  1. married (fifth) at Sambhar, 6th February 1562, Wali Nimat, Hamida Banu Mariam uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba (d. at Agram, 19th May 1623 n.s., bur. Rauza Mariam, Sikandara), née Rajkumari Hira Kunwari Sahiba, alias Harkha Bai, eldest daughter of Raja Bihari Mal, Raja of Amber. Sons were, Malik ul-Mulk, Shahzada Sultan Salim Bahadur, who succeeded as H.M. Al-Sultan al-'Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram,Khushru-i-Giti Panah, Abu'l-Fath Nur ud-din Muhammad Jahangir, Shahzada Sultan Danial Mirza. b. at the house of Shaikh Danial, Ajmer, 11th September 1572
  2. married (sixth) at Nagaur, 1562, Maharaj Kumari Shri Nathi Bai Sahiba,daughter of Maharajadhiraj Parama Bhattarak Shri Maharawal Ji Bairi Hariraj Singh Dev Bahadur,Yadukul Chandrawhal, Bijaimand, Maharaja of Jaisalmer --->Shahzadi Mahi Begum Sahiba. b. ca. 1571 (d/o Nathi Bai). She d. at Fatehpur Sikri, 7th April 1577.
  3. married (eleventh) at Nagaur, 16th November 1570, Baiji Lal Raj Kanwari Sahiba,daughter of Kunwar Sri Kanho [Kanhaji], of Bikaner, and niece of Rao Shri Kalyan Mal, Rao of Bikaner.
  4. married (twelfth) at Nagaur, 16th November 1570, Baiji Lal Bhanumati Kanwari Sahiba,daughter of Kanwar Sri Bhim Rajji, Gai Bhum ra Bahru, of Bikaner.
  5. married (fourteenth) ca. 1572, a daughter of Nahar Das Isar Das.
  6. married (fifteenth) 1573, a daughter of Raja Shri Jai Chand, of Nagaur.
  7. married (seventeenth) 1577, a daughter of Maharawal Shri Askaran Sahib Bahadur,Maharawal of Dungarpur.
  8. married (eighteenth) ca. 1581, Rajkumari Shri Rukmawati Baiji Lall Sahiba [Jodh Bibi](d.s.p. before 30th May 1623), daughter of Rao Shri Mal Deoji, Rao of Marwar, by his paswan, Tipu.
  9. married (nineteenth) 1581, a daughter of Raja Shri Kesho Das Rathore, of Mertia.

These facts are taken from Sources of Mughal lineage and "Bankidas Ri Khyat" and are the most believable sources for these facts. As it is clearly seen from these facts that there was a queen of Akbar named JodhBibi, was neither a rajput princess as she was a daughter of a Paswaan from the King and nor was from Jaipur. So, what Ashutosh is depicting in his film is truly based on misconcepts of the great historians whom he has consulted and also the Great English people's written history of India.
Thus, Asutosh is clearly distorting the facts and he should apologize for it and the film should be included with these facts.

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Sita palam said...

mariam zamani was not the mother of Prince daniyal.Prince daniyals mother died in 1596(Given in Akbarnama) and Mariam Zamani died in 1623(Given in jAHANGIRNAMA).Please read through historical book,then write in the net,please.But your article otherwise was great.Please do the minor correction,it is imporatant for history.