Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rajput Clan's Utan (Oldest Place of Family Division)

Historically, there are 36 clans of Rajputs, thus called chattis-kul.

Rajputs are known by the place they belong. Some clans even took their names by the place they used to rule, as Sisodiya(from Sisoda), Sonigara Chauhan(from Svarngiri Fort, Jalore) and many others. Rajputs are mostly identified by the place they belond or used to belong or ruled. According to the historical books, Utan of the different Rajput clans are-

Dhar,Abu - Parmar
Jayal - Khichi
Sambhar,Nadol - Chauhan
Parbatsar - Dahiya
Tunk-Toda - Solanki
Mandore - Parihar
Patan - Chavda
Kannauj - Rathore
Narvar - Kachhwaha
Delhi - Tanwar
Bhatner,Lodurva - Bhati
Bundi - Hada
Jalore - Sonigara Chauhan
Chittor - Mori
Halvad-Patdi - Jhala
Janglu - Sankhla
Bandhogarh - Baghela
Merta - Mertiya Rathore.

There are many small sub-clans in different Rajput clans which are having their name took from the place they used to rule but it will produce an messed up list here, so are avoided.

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