Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bharmal was not the first one!!

As many people used to know, some may be from Jodha Akbar that Raja Bharmal of Amber was the first Rajput King to marry his daughter with a Muslim. But the history tells us a really different story. There had been examples of some other rajput kings before Bharmal to do so. Rao Maldeo(1531-1562), descendent of Rao Jodha and King of Marwar(Jodhpur) was one of the first Rajputs to give his daughter to Muslims. The motive of these types of marriages was same as in the case of Bharmal, security from the relatives. If they marry their daughters to the Muslims, it means they are safe from that side. Rao Maldeo married 4 out of 23 of his daughters to Muslims. The names were

1. Kanakavati, daughter of Jhali Rani Navrangdevi, married to Badshah Mahmud-III of Gujarat. When Mahmud died, she went to her sister, SajanaBai at Jaisalmer, who was married to Rawal Harraj of Jaisalmer. She died there after 1544.
2. Ratnavati, daughter of Jhali Rani Navrangdevi, married to HajiKhan of Ajmer. After death of HajiKhan,she came back to her brother Chandrasen and then to UdaiSingh. She died at Nagaur in 1593.
3. Lalbai, daughter of Sonagari Rani Ladbai, married to Badshah SherShah Suri, after the battle of Sumel-Giri in January,1544.
4. Jasodabai, daughter of Kachwahi Rani Lakshaldevi, married to Khan Mohammed Daulat Khan, Khan of Nagaur in 1532.
5. Rukmavati a.k.a Jodhbibi, daughter of concubine Tipu, married to Badhshah Akbar in 1581.

These facts are from Bankidas Ri Khyat, written by Bankidas, who was an renowned poet and historian in the court of King ManSingh of Jodhpur. These facts are also supported from the Mughal and Rathore lineages. But they are not mentioned in many books, may be because to continue the traditions to blame the Kachwahas for the cowardness. Bharmal followed the footsteps of Maldeo. He was not the first one to do these kind of shameful thing. As later, Rathores, Kachwahas, Bhatis, Gehlots (not Sisodias) continued to marry their daughters to Mughals. The exceptions in these were, Sisodias of Udaipur, Baghelas of Rewa and Hadas of Bundi. Not a single Rajput family allowed marriages with Mughals, thus maintaning the purity of the blood and their dignity.. The decisions to marry their daughter to Muslims by Kings Jodhpur and Jaipur led Mewar to impose a kind of ban on them that was, not to marry in any Rajput family from these states . This ban continues for more than 200 years, after rule of Ajeet Singh, it was lifted with a condition that the son of Sisodini Rani will be the only heir of the throne, no matter he is eldest or not.

Mostly all books describes Bharmal as the first one to do this kind of relations, by hiding the truth. People are believing what they are being told, either by course books or by the some other books. But the real history lies unappreciated in these kinds of books. Bharmal is famous for starting marriage traditions between Rajput and Mughals, but he is not the right one to be in that place.No doubt, Maldeo was the most powerful King of Marwar ever, Delhi was just 50 miles away from his territorial boundaries, but these decisions were also a sign of coward.

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