Monday, January 21, 2008

Thanks to ASI

A thanks to ASI for erecting an 900 year old moument which belongs to the time of King Kumarpal Solanki of Gujarat in Vadnagar. This monument called Kirti Stambh, about 30 meter in height was in dismantled condition from more than 100 years. There were twin Kirti Stambhs in Vadnagar, when this town was founded by King Kumarpal Solanki. But in the time of occupation of Gaekwad Marathas, the ill minded Sayajirao,ruler of Baroda, wanted these monuments to be located at his palace in Baroda. But due to stiff resistance from the local people, he was failed in his plans. But, one of the Kirti Stambh was broken into 7 pieces, which was lying there near Sarmistha Lake for more than 100 years. Last year, ASI re-erected the Kirti Stambh and also there are plans to acquire the land near them, so as to protect them. Figures of Kirti Toran are used as a symbol of Gujarat in government’s literatures since 1960, when Gujarat became a separate state.

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