Saturday, September 22, 2007

Move to Gujarat

Chalukya to Solanki-
In Gujarat and Rajasthan, people speaks 'Sa' instead of 'Cha'. When Chalukyans came here, they were popularly called as Salukyan, Saluki and later Solanki. Still some marathas have their title as Saluki.
In the search of Destiny-
In 920 A.D., two brothers Raj and Beej Solanki came to Patan en route to journey of Somnath. By their royalty and knowledge, Chavada King Samant Singh married his sister Lilavati to Raj. From Leelavati, Mulraj was born in 921 A.D. When Mulraj was of 7 years, Raj went to pilgrimage of Dwarka. In between, he visited Lakha Phulani, King of Katchh. Lakha married his sister, Rayanji to Raj and from her Rakhaech was born. On some issue Lakha killed Raj and his men. Rayanji committed Sati. Lakha took care of Rakhaech.
At the of 21, Mulraj was declared as King by Samant Singh, but on the very next morning, he took his kingdom back. From that day, the words of Chavadas are not believed. This made Mulraj angry, he took his men and attacked and killed Samant Singh and became the King. Thus, in 942 A.D. Mulraj established the powerful Solanki dyansty. He proclaimed himself as "Gurajareshwar" i.e. Lord of Gujarat.
He defeated Barhap, Commander of Tailap-II and annexed his territory of Lat. He also defetaed Grahripu and killed Lakha Phulani in the same battle. By this, he took revenge of killing of his father.
After Mulraj, Chamudraj came to throne. He was as able as his father was.

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